Case Study

Process chillers for spot welding.

The Challenge

The Solution

Key Highlights Of The Solution

  • Non Ferrous CF Chiller 
  • High Pressure pump
  • Pipework Installation in stainless steel
  • Flow balancing 
  • Ongoing water condition monitoring

Project Outcome

The Impact

Selection of ZCF Range of chiller unit provides:

  • Process efficiency: With new chiller units running on Deionised water and commissioned flow rates.
  • Reliability: Water quality will ensure that this production line runs optimally for its expected lifespan and investment.


This  manufacturer benefited form a turnkey approach.

  • Site Assessment: A full assessment of current equipment with fault history allows our technical experts to provide a reliable solution.
  • Equipment selection: Ensuring the correct equipment is applied to the production its serving is essential.
  • Ongoing support: Our team will continue to support through a service and maintenance package ensuring water quality is maintained.

We are really pleased with the chiller upgrades that appear a better solution than our previous cooling system.

Steve McDonaldProduction Manager

Does your process cooling system need an assessment?