Case Study

Chiller Installation – Evolution Cooling’s CF ZCV 500kW

The Challenge

The Solution

The Key Components of This Solution Included:

  • ZCV 500kW CF Chiller: CF Chillers are known for their exceptional energy efficiency and robust performance. With two circuits and screw compressors, this chiller was the ideal choice for the client’s requirements.
  • Lowara Pumps: To ensure consistent coolant circulation, the chiller was equipped with Lowara pumps, renowned for their reliability and efficiency.
  • ebm-papst EC Fan Motors with Fan Speed Control: These fan motors are known for their precision and the ability to adjust fan speed as needed, maximizing energy savings without compromising cooling capacity.

Project Outcome

The Implementation

Evolution Cooling’s team of skilled technicians executed the installation with precision, ensuring that the 500kW CF Chiller integrated seamlessly into the client’s existing cooling infrastructure. The installation process was designed to minimize disruption to the client’s production processes, emphasizing efficiency and reliability from the start.

The Results

The installation of the 500kW CF Chiller brought about significant improvements for the drinks manufacturer:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The CF Chiller’s cutting-edge design and components led to a noticeable reduction in energy consumption. This translated into substantial cost savings, making the chiller a financially sound investment.
  • Reliability: With the chiller’s two circuits and high-end components, the client experienced a significant increase in system reliability. Downtime due to cooling issues was virtually eliminated, ensuring consistent product quality and production schedules.

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