Case Study

Injection Moulding Facility upgrades existing Chillers to ZCF 40 kW Machines.

The Challenge

The Solution

Key Highlights Of The Solution

  • Reliable Process chillers: CF Chillers are built with reliability and equipment lifespan in mind. Key components include Lowara Pumps, Ziehl Abegg fans, Dixell controllers and ABB switch gear.
  • Installation: Evolution Cooling’s Install carried out removal and disposal of existing chiller units. Positioning and pipework for new chiller units.
  • Commissioning: Service technicians carried out the setup and validation. This is to optimise performance and provide reliability of the chilled water system

Project Outcome

The Impact

The replacement of existing Moulding chillers for CF ZCF 155 units:

  • Increased cooling capacity: With the new chillers selected the customer could increase the cycle time and production rates of their manufacturing facility.
  • Reliability: The plastics company experienced enhanced reliability with minimal downtime, preserving the integrity of their operations.


Efficient cooling in injection molding involves a careful balance of mold design, coolant management, and process parameters to ensure high-quality, dimensionally accurate parts with minimal cycle time. Advanced techniques like conformal cooling and precise temperature control further enhance this critical phase of the injection molding process.

Thanks for your support with replacing the chillers with such a quick turnaround.

Claire AdamsPurchasing Manager

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