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ZCE Series Eco Chiller

Our ZCM Range has 6 Models of economical air-cooled liquid chillers ranging from 5 to 20kW.

Each unit is complete with plate heat exchanger suitable in R410a, plastic water tank, water by-pass, Y-strainer, condenser filter, 2, 3 or 5 bar water pump, manual water fill system and easy view water level indicator.

Designed for flexible use and for outdoor or indoor installation. These chillers are designed for industrial applications that require reliability, continuity of operation, high performance and reduced maintenance costs.

The ZCE Series Eco Chiller is a line of cost-efficient air-cooled liquid chillers, with cooling capacities ranging from 5kW to 20kW, specifically designed for industrial use across multiple sectors. These units are equipped with a plate heat exchanger, R410a refrigerant, and a 400v power supply for easy plug-and-play installation.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these chillers are ideal for industrial process cooling applications and come with a variety of features including a manual water fill system, coaxial evaporator, an easy-view water level indicator, and a 2, 3, or 5 bar water pump, with the aim of providing reliability, continuity of operation, high performance, and reduced maintenance costs.

ZCE Series

Standard Features

– R410 refrigerant gas
– Rotary compressor (108 – 116 models)
– Scroll (117 – 127 models)
– Crankcase heater
– Thermostatic valve
– High/low pressure refrigerant gas gauges
– High/low pressure switch
– Inspectable unit panels secured by screws
– Plastic water tank with level indicator
– Manual loading system
– Thermostat probe on water tank
– Plate heat exchanger
– Y-Strainer water filter (evaporator inlet)
– Dirty strainer alarm
– Evaporator inlet/outlet temperature probes
– Water by-pass with Inlet/outlet valve
– Water differential pressure switches (117+127 models)
– Flow switch (108+116 models)
– Condenser filter
– Fans without protection grid
– Microprocessor
– Phase sequence relay
– Thermomagnetic cut-out devices on every motor
– IP54 protection rate

Optional Features

– Pump with water gauge (P2, P3, P5)
– Compressor valves
– Electronic thermostatic valve
– RS485 connection cable
– Remote terminal
– Fan speed regulation
– Fan phase cut
– Set-point compensation with external sensor
– EC fans
– Condenser coil with cataphoresis protection
– Wheels kit
– Rubber anti-vibrations kit
– Voltage 460/3/60HZ