Case Study

Installation of a 500kW process chiller for Plastic extrusion manufacturer.

The Challenge

The Solution

Key Highlights Of The Solution

  • CF Chiller ZCF 2640: A reliable and efficient process chiller solution, high quality components and manufacturing build.
  • Turnkey Installation: Evolution Cooling’s managed decommissioning of existing plant, offload of new chiller, installation of pipework through to commissioning and load testing.

Project Outcome

The Impact

The upgrade of the cooling system and the additional installation of intermediate heat exchanger:

  • Customers Water quality: Separation of chiller circuit and customer process water ensures ease of water treatment and reduces the risk of cross contamination.
  • Reliability: The plastics company experienced enhanced reliability with minimal downtime, preserving the integrity of their operations.


Assessment of the customers previous experience along with their needs for reliable cooling system allowed Evolution Cooling Ltd to provide a tailored solution. The CF chiller will provide reliable cooling and extended equipment life.

Planned maintenance by Evolution cooling Ltd will ensure that the equipment performance is optimised and its life time is extended.

The Chiller is maintaining our temperatures well. We can now run our production at full capacity again, Thanks.

Production Manager

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