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Nottingham Chiller Units

Whether it be health and pharmaceuticals, or higher education and manufacturing, Nottingham is a regional hub for many of our country’s biggest industries. Our aim is to help businesses big and small with their cooling requirements so they can run as efficiently as possible.

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We Can Install a Huge Range of Industrial Chillers and Coolers

From our ZME mini chiller to our larger ZCF eco chiller, we have a range of cooling options for you to choose from, and you can choose the size and specifications that best suit your requirements. Simply get in touch and we can help you find the perfect chiller unit for your requirements.

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Cooling Solutions for Businesses Across Nottingham

Industries in Nottingham That Would Benefit From Our Cooling Solutions

Health and Pharmaceuticals

The health and pharmaceutical industries, which are so prevalent in Nottingham, require precise temperature control to ensure the integrity and efficacy of their products. Our advanced cooling solutions provide reliable and consistent cooling, crucial for laboratories, hospitals, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Our robust cooling solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of manufacturing environments, ensuring machinery operates at peak efficiency and reducing the risk of overheating. From plastics to metalworking, our chillers provide the reliability and efficiency that manufacturing processes require.

Food and Beverage

Temperature control is critical in the food and drink industry to ensure product safety and quality. Whether you’re running a brewery, dairy, or food processing plant, our specialised cooling solutions help maintain the ideal conditions for food processing, storage, and distribution.

Higher Education

Universities and research institutions in Nottingham can greatly benefit from our cooling solutions. Laboratories and research facilities require precise temperature control for experiments and equipment. Our chillers provide reliable and efficient cooling, supporting scientific research and innovation.

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Selecting the most appropriate cooling system is an important step in ensuring your operations are as efficient as possible. Here at Evolution Cooling, all our chiller units are environmentally friendly and designed with energy and cost savings in mind. Get in touch to find out more.

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