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Efficient Chiller Repair: Replacing a Leaking Micro-Channel Condenser Coil for a West Midlands Plastics Manufacturer

Micro Channel condenser coil replacement


In the heart of the West Midlands, manufacturing processes rely on precision and reliability. When a leading plastics company in the region faced an issue with their climaveneta chiller, they knew they needed swift and expert assistance. The chiller’s micro-channel condenser coil had developed leaks, threatening production. This blog unveils how Evolution Cooling Ltd stepped in, replacing the problematic coil and ensuring uninterrupted performance for the plastics manufacturer.

The Challenge:

Precision is essential for plastics manufacturing, and temperature control is at its core. However, the climaveneta chiller, a critical component, began to experience problems when its micro-channel condenser coil started leaking. This posed a substantial challenge, jeopardizing both manufacturing processes and the chiller system’s integrity.

The Solution:

The plastics manufacturer turned to Evolution Cooling Ltd, a trusted expert in process chiller maintenance and parts replacement. They offered a comprehensive solution, addressing the issue with a replacement micro-channel condenser coil.

Key Highlights of the Solution:

  • Expert Sourcing: Evolution Cooling Ltd’s expertise extends to all makes and models of process chillers. They sourced a high-quality replacement micro-channel condenser coil that perfectly matched the climaveneta chiller.
  • Precise Installation: Evolution Cooling’s skilled technicians executed the replacement with precision and care, ensuring a seamless integration of the new coil into the chiller system.
  • Thorough Testing and Verification: To guarantee the chiller’s optimal performance, rigorous testing and verification processes were meticulously undertaken.

The Impact:

The replacement of the leaking micro-channel condenser coil brought profound benefits to the plastics manufacturing process:

  • Restored Efficiency: With the new condenser coil, the climaveneta chiller regained its efficiency, allowing the manufacturing process to resume without hitches.
  • Reliability: The plastics company experienced enhanced reliability with minimal downtime, preserving the integrity of their operations.


The plastics manufacturer’s experience is a testament to the importance of responsive and professional chiller maintenance and parts replacement. Evolution Cooling Ltd’s expertise in sourcing and replacing parts on all makes and models of process chillers, including the Climaveneta chiller, ensured uninterrupted manufacturing operations.

For businesses in need of top-tier chiller maintenance and parts replacement services, Evolution Cooling Ltd is the go-to solution. This case study highlights their commitment to delivering excellence in cooling solutions for the manufacturing industry. When precision and reliability are paramount, Evolution Cooling Ltd is the trusted partner.

If you’re facing similar chiller issues or require expert support with chiller maintenance and parts replacement, don’t hesitate to reach out. Visit our contact page or give Evolution Cooling Ltd a call at 📞 0121 820 8946 or contact them via email at Info@evolution-cooling.com. Your manufacturing processes deserve the best, and Evolution Cooling Ltd is here to deliver precisely that. 👨🏻‍🏭

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