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Derby Chiller Units

Whether it be minerals and aggregates, textiles, or advanced manufacturing, Derby is known for its strong presence in many of our country’s most prevalent industries. We want to help businesses in all sectors and industries make their operations as efficient as possible with our leading cooling systems.

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We Can Install a Huge Range of Industrial Chillers and Coolers

From our SCE budget chiller to our much larger ZCV eco chiller, we have a huge range of industrial chillers to choose from. We will help you select the most appropriate specifications for your requirements and all of our chillers are fully modules, allowing you to scale up in future.

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Cooling Solutions for Businesses Across Derby

Industries in Derby That Would Benefit From Our Cooling Solutions

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing facilities in Derby require precise temperature control to maintain the quality and efficiency of their production processes. Our cooling solutions ensure optimal conditions for machinery and products.

Food Processing

The minerals and aggregates industry benefits from robust cooling systems that can handle harsh conditions. Our solutions provide reliable performance, preventing overheating and ensuring continuous operations.


Temperature and humidity control are crucial in the textile industry to maintain product quality and process efficiency. Our cooling solutions help create the ideal environment for textile manufacturing.


The automotive industry in Derby relies on efficient cooling systems for both manufacturing and testing environments. Our chillers ensure that machinery and components remain at optimal temperatures, enhancing performance and reliability.

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Here at Evolution Cooling, all our coolers and chillers are modular so they can be scaled up as you grow. To take your operations to the next level, improve your efficiency, and save on costs, simply get in touch and we will help you find the perfect cooling system for your specific requirements.

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