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Some industries and processes require highly space-efficient cooling solutions. Portable chillers are an excellent solution for cooling small equipment, server rooms, small machinery, and operations that have budget constraints. Our portable chiller models come in a variety of sizes and have a range of capabilities.

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Portable Chiller Units for Superior Efficiency

We supply portable chillers for all industries and sectors. Whether you are operating in the plastics industry, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, data processing, food and beverage, or anything in between, we will have a range of options to fit your requirements like the ZME mini chiller. Browse our catalogue of cooling solutions to find the right solution for your business.

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How Do Portable Chiller Units Work?

The Benefits of Installing a Portable Chiller Unit with Evolution Cooling

Flexible, Scalable, and Versatile

All our portable chillers are designed for a broad range of uses making them a highly versatile option. Not only this but they are fully modular by design, allowing you to add or remove small chillers in future as your operations adapt to seasonality, demand, or business growth.


Especially for smaller businesses and enterprises, a full-scale cooling system can be an expensive investment which is where our portable chillers are so advantageous. We have a huge range of units, allowing you to pick the best option for your budget and cooling requirements.

Energy Efficient

Not only are portable chiller units less costly upfront but they will also help you save on your energy consumption and utility bills as your operations become more efficient over time. This also helps your business lower its carbon footprint.

Space Saving

Some businesses can be limited in terms of space, especially in the food and beverage or data cooling sectors, which is why our portable chillers are designed to be a space-saving cooling solution. Choose from our range of mini chillers to find the most appropriate option in terms of capacity and sizing.
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Here at Evolution Cooling, we want to help you boost your business operations. Our portable chillers are designed with space-saving as a top priority. Contact us today and we will help you find the perfect portable chiller for your specific requirements now and into the future.

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    Glycol Chiller Units: FAQs

    What is a portable chiller?

    Chillers can consume significant electricity, especially in industrial settings. However, modern chiller units are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing overall energy consumption. Proper maintenance and choosing the right size for your needs can also help optimise energy usage.

    What is a mini chiller?

    A mini chiller is a compact chiller unit designed for small-scale applications. It provides efficient cooling for residential, small commercial spaces, or specific equipment, offering precise temperature control in a smaller footprint.

    Do portable chillers work?

    Yes, portable chillers work. They provide temporary cooling in various industries and applications. They offer flexibility, ease of installation, and reliable performance for both short-term and long-term cooling needs.

    Do portable chillers use a lot of energy?

    Portable chillers are designed to be energy-efficient, often incorporating advanced technologies to minimise energy consumption while providing effective cooling. Their efficiency depends on the model and application, but they aim to reduce energy usage as a whole.