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At Evolution Cooling, we are a highly trusted source for HVAC chillers, delivering optimal performance and precise temperature control. Our range of HVAC chiller units is designed to offer reliable and efficient cooling solutions for various applications, including commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and data centres.

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HVAC Chillers for Superior Climate Control

When it comes to air conditioning, chillers are a great option because they use water, which is more efficient than traditional AC units. Our range of HVAC chillers will help you improve your business operations now and into the future, whether it be pharmaceuticals, plastics, or manufacturing.

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How Do HVAC Chiller Units Work?

The Benefits of Installing an Air Conditioning Cooler With Evolution Cooling

Energy Efficiency

HVAC chillers are designed to be highly energy-efficient, using advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs. This makes them an excellent choice for cost-effective and highly sustainable building management.

Reliable Performance

Our HVAC chillers are built to provide reliable performance, ensuring consistent cooling and maintaining the desired indoor climate even during peak demand periods. This reliability helps avoid downtime and maintain productivity.

Quiet Operation

HVAC chiller systems are designed to have minimal noise output, which makes them suitable for environments where noise reduction is important. This makes them a primary choice for the public sector, in educational buildings, hospitals, and offices.

Scalability and Flexibility

It is important to ensure that you futureproof your cooling solutions to avoid incurring additional costs in the future. Our air conditioning cooler units are modular, meaning more units can be added with minimal modification.
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If you are searching for a cooling system that will make your business operations more efficient and cost-effective then you have come to the right place. Here at Evolution Cooling, we have a great range of units that cover all sectors and industries.

Get in touch today and we will find the best HVAC chiller for your specific circumstances.

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    Industrial Cooling Units: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between a process chiller and an HVAC chiller?

    A process chiller is designed to remove heat from industrial processes or equipment, ensuring optimal performance. An HVAC chiller, on the other hand, is used for climate control in buildings, providing cooling to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and air quality.

    Is a chiller the same as an air conditioner?

    An air conditioner directly cools the air within a room or building through a refrigeration cycle and air handling systems. An HVAC chiller uses water or a refrigerant liquid to remove heat from spaces or processes more indirectly.

    Is an air cooler as effective as an air conditioner?

    Your business operations have the biggest impact on the effectiveness of air coolers or air conditioners. If you want to control the precise cooling of indoor spaces then HVAC is your best option but if you want to cool equipment or processes then you will want to opt for an air cooler.

    How does a chilled water HVAC system work?

    A chilled water HVAC system circulates cold water through pipes to air handlers or fan coils, which then cool the air. The warm water returns to the chiller to be cooled again, providing consistent and efficient cooling throughout the building.