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Explore Our Range of Heat Pump Cooling Systems

Our heat pump cooling systems combine advanced technology and efficient temperature control. All our designs provide highly efficient and reliable cooling solutions for various applications and sectors, including residential areas, entertainment venues, and commercial buildings like factories, warehouses, and office blocks.

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Heat Pumps for Optimal Performance

Here at Evolution Cooling our priority is to work with you to improve your business operations regardless of the sector you are in. We have a range of units ranging from 6kW to 400kW, with both cooling and heating capabilities, and an IP54 rating allowing them to be used indoors and outdoors.

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How Do Heat Pump Cooling Systems Work?

The Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation with Evolution Cooling

Energy Efficiency

Our cooling systems are energy-efficient because they use less electricity to move heat compared to traditional cooling methods. The energy savings experienced by opting for a heat pump installation will result in lower utility bills, making them a cost-effective cooling solution.

Year-Round Comfort

These systems can provide both cooling and heating functions. This dual functionality makes them a great choice for all-season climate control, with the ability to be placed indoors and outdoors.

Environmentally Friendly

These units have a lower environmental impact due to their high efficiency and use of eco-friendly refrigerants. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, promoting a greener, more sustainable future.

Long Lifespan and Reliability

With proper maintenance, they can last 15-20 years or more, providing reliable and consistent cooling and heating. Their robust design ensures minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

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At Evolution Cooling, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient, and reliable units at an affordable heat pump cost, all tailored to your specific needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a heat pump good for cooling?

    Yes, a heat pump is excellent for cooling. It efficiently removes heat from indoor air, providing consistent and comfortable cooling, similar to traditional air conditioning systems.

    Is it worth getting a heat pump UK?

    Yes, heat pumps are worth it in the UK due to their energy efficiency and ability to provide both heating and cooling. They can significantly reduce energy bills and carbon footprints, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly cooling solution.

    How efficient is a heat pump cooling system?

    Heat pump cooling systems are highly efficient, often achieving SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings between 15 and 20, making them more energy-efficient than many traditional cooling systems.

    What size heat pump do I need?

    The size of the heat pump you need depends on your space’s square footage, insulation, cooling requirements, and climate. A professional assessment can determine the correct size to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.