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Explore Our Range of Glycol Chiller Units

Our glycol chillers are designed to deliver reliable and efficient temperature management across diverse industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, military operations, and data centres.

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We Stock a Range of Glycol Chiller Systems for Low-Temperature Performance

All our chiller units can be used as low temperature chillers, so you can select from our full range. From our ZME compact unit that is optimised for space efficiency, to our larger ZCF unit, or our industrial-purposed ZCV unit, we can help you pick the right model for your specific circumstances.

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How Do Our Glycol Cooler Units Work?

The Benefits of Installing a Low-Temperature Glycol Chiller


Glycol coolers allow you to cool at sub-zero temperatures, increasing the efficiency of your operation and reducing the risk of pipes bursting.

Flexibility and Scalability

All our glycol units are modular which allows for easy expansion with little modification as your cooling demand increases in future.

Environmental Impact

Our chillers are a great way to lower your carbon footprint because there is no need for water treatment chemicals and they produce less thermal discharge.

Maintenance and Reliability

When you install a glycol cooler system, you will benefit from reduced scale build-up and corrosion compared to systems that use water alone.

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Are you ready to enhance the efficiency of your industrial cooling system? Designed for peak performance and reliability, our top-quality glycol systems are the perfect answer. Don’t miss out on achieving superior temperature control. Simply get in touch today to discuss your requirements with one of the team.

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    Glycol Cooler Units: FAQs

    What is the difference between a glycol chiller and a water chiller?

    Glycol chillers use a glycol-water mixture which lowers the freezing point of the liquid, making them suitable for colder temperatures. Water chillers use only water and are used at temperatures above freezing.

    Is a glycol chiller safe?

    Yes, our chiller units are safe as long as they are properly maintained. Where human contact is likely, glycol coolers normally use propylene glycol, which is less toxic than ethylene glycol, enhancing safety in potential leakage scenarios.

    Where should a glycol cooler be placed?

    A chiller with glycol should be placed in a well-ventilated area to ensure efficient heat dissipation and easy access for maintenance. You should avoid areas that are prone to dust, dirt, or corrosive vapours. Many are placed outside, but this is not a necessity.

    Can you use a glycol system for distilling?

    Yes, glycol coolers are effective in distilling processes. They control temperatures precisely, which is essential for consistent distillation, maintaining product purity, and optimising the condensation of alcohol vapours.

    Can you use water in a glycol system?

    The only thing that makes a glycol cooler different from other units is the glycol additive, so if you remove this the chiller system becomes a standard unit. However, it will not be able to operate at below-freezing temperatures which is why glycol is required in the first place.