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Chiller Installation – Evolution Cooling’s CF ZCV 500kW

ZCV 250kW CF Chiller


In the heart of the West Midlands, a renowned drinks manufacturer was seeking to optimize their cooling system for both efficiency and reliability. They turned to Evolution Cooling Ltd, a trusted name in the cooling solutions industry. Evolution Cooling’s expertise led to the supply and installation of a ZCV 500kW CF Chiller, equipped with Lowara pumps, two circuits, and advanced features like screw compressors and ebm-papst EC fan motors with fan speed control. This case study showcases how this installation transformed the manufacturer’s cooling needs.

The Challenge:

The drinks manufacturing industry demands precise temperature control and dependable cooling solutions. The client faced challenges related to outdated equipment that not only lacked energy efficiency but also posed reliability issues. They sought a solution that would provide optimal performance, reduce energy costs, and minimize downtime.

The Solution:

Evolution Cooling recognized the need for a high-performance chiller system and proposed the installation of a ZCV 500kW CF Chiller, renowned for its efficiency and reliability. The key components of this solution included:

  • ZCV 500kW CF Chiller: CF Chillers are known for their exceptional energy efficiency and robust performance. With two circuits and screw compressors, this chiller was the ideal choice for the client’s requirements.
  • Lowara Pumps: To ensure consistent coolant circulation, the chiller was equipped with Lowara pumps, renowned for their reliability and efficiency.
  • ebm-papst EC Fan Motors with Fan Speed Control: These fan motors are known for their precision and the ability to adjust fan speed as needed, maximizing energy savings without compromising cooling capacity.

The Implementation:

Evolution Cooling’s team of skilled technicians executed the installation with precision, ensuring that the 500kW CF Chiller integrated seamlessly into the client’s existing cooling infrastructure. The installation process was designed to minimize disruption to the client’s production processes, emphasizing efficiency and reliability from the start.

The Results:

The installation of the 500kW CF Chiller brought about significant improvements for the drinks manufacturer:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The CF Chiller’s cutting-edge design and components led to a noticeable reduction in energy consumption. This translated into substantial cost savings, making the chiller a financially sound investment.
  • Reliability: With the chiller’s two circuits and top-notch components, the client experienced a significant increase in system reliability. Downtime due to cooling issues was virtually eliminated, ensuring consistent product quality and production schedules.


Evolution Cooling’s supply and installation of the 500kW CF Chiller, complete with Lowara pumps, two circuits, screw compressors, and ebm-papst EC fan motors with fan speed control, not only met but exceeded the drinks manufacturer’s expectations. The transformation brought about by this advanced chiller system was characterized by efficiency, reliability, and cost savings.

If your business is in need of top-tier cooling solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with dependable performance, contact Evolution Cooling Ltd today. Our case study with the West Midlands drinks manufacturer is just one example of how we can elevate your cooling systems to meet the highest industry standards.


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